Streak, a CRM for Gmail Quick Video Tour

I got a new email account I need to manage now so I thought I would take some time to show you one of my favorite apps for Gmail. Streak is the name, as in a streak of luck. Except this is no luck, you get to discover this awesome app because you are a visitor at Don't miss the new updates, subscribe today.

Did you know you can add apps to Gmail? Well, if you didn't know now you know. You can in fact add apps to Gmail. The two I use the most are Rapportive and Streak.

Today I'm telling you about Streak. Streak is a CRM that sits on top of Gmail and it helps you manage your conversations. It's a CRM component that enhances Gmail. Find it at

The way that it works is simple and it is better explained in video but I'll do my best at explaining it on text as well. When you decide to track the activity with one person or project, you can create a box that will hold notes, emails and other relevant activity.

You can review that activity at anytime, and this object, the box, can be moved along a sales funnel or recruiting funnel or any kind of funnel you want. Streak calls them pipelines. Enough of me talking, why don't you just watch the video. It'll make more sense.

You can find more about them at and two features I want to highlight that you'll love about this app is the email tracking feature and the schedule for later feature. Really killer, really useful for running businesses online.

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