WordPress 3.1, closer to full custom post types in the UI.


WordPress 3.1 is supposed to be out soon, as usual there are many fixes coming out and I think they're mostly improvements to the UI. One of them is this new thing called Post Formats. I think it is in fact one step closer to providing users with a custom-post-types interface without having to use code. I've yet to try this, but as soon as I do I'll let you know more about it. If you like the nitty gritty geeky stuff, there's more to read about this. More information on WordPress 3.1.

Essentially post formats will let you customize a number of different looks for your posts so that you can pick the style and look for different types of content. Remember that whole "context" talk? This will help with that by providing different CSS options and styling for specific data types. Read all about Post Formats at the codex.

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