The Beginning of the End for Blackberry – RIM Loses Patent

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I am pretty sure I was right when I said that RIM will eventually be picked up by an investment firm, (see: Blackberry 10, Rim's Last Phone) and its intellectual property will just be pieced out. I think that is the fate awaiting RIM. I could be wrong but the cards say I'm right.

You see, they keep making blunder after blunder. And now they've got a legal battle ahead of them with Nokia. If they're smart and if all goes as analysts predict, they'll simply settle for a royalty agreement. Chipping away at the empire that once was. The fact of the matter is that RIM needs something desperately. They ought to rewrite their OS, go with Android. Add their technology to it and move to a touchscreen phone with an alternate version with a keyboard. That might save them. But I doubt it.

I was a hardcore Blackberry fan, and it took me a while to go to a touchscreen phone. I eventually got an iPhone, it sucked. I missed my blackberry then, but the iPhone could do so much that I was okay not having the keyboard I loved. The shortcomings of the iphone were bearable; then it improved. Android came next and I've been on Android for a while now, I love it.

My sister was also a blackberry fan for the longest time, and now she uses an iPhone and can't put it down. I have many other stories of people in the same situation. They were fans of Blackberry and they resisted the popular wisdom to move to a touch screen phone like an iPhone or Android but eventually made the transition; they never look back. Why?

Blackberry needs a miracle, they need something to keep them alive and I'm just afraid that they won't find "it". Too bad. I hate to see a company that started an entire industry go down the wayside because they couldn't innovate anymore.

However, analysts think it is much more likely that RIM will reach a royalty agreement with Nokia to avert such an outcome.

RIM, a smartphone pioneer, hopes new devices using BlackBerry 10 software, due early 2013, will rescue it from a prolonged slump in the face of competition from the likes of Apple and Samsung.

via RIM loses patent dispute with Nokia that could halt BlackBerry sales | FP Tech Desk | Financial Post.

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