Have You Been Following the Political Dialogue and Trump?

I don't know how much I want to post about politics in here. I know I have voiced some of my views and opinions lightly in the past, but never been really outspoken about my political views.

But I think I should share with you some thoughts.

I find Donald Trump engaging and at least from his talking points like a real candidate for the presidency. I know many people take issue with him.

That's fine, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but something I like about Trump is that he has actually brought up some issues up to discuss that I don't think would have come up if he didn't join the presidential race.

My friend David a long time ago introduced me to the term "career politician" and I immediately understood what that meant. It's a horrible thing.

Politicians get complacent, they see this as a job rather than a service and they spend half of the time planning their next move to another position in power rather than doing their job. They create red tape and delay processes.

Trump is exactly the opposite of a career politician and that's why I like him. See government can be so corrupt and shady that I think it's time for someone like Trump to come in and shake things up.

Do I like everything he says? Definitely not. But some of the things he says he wants to do sound very appealing to me right now.

There are certain things that I totally disagree with but I like him way better than Clinton, Bush, Christie and even the neurosurgeon guy.

Like this idea that he just proposed during his visit to Iowa. Pay him (towards charity) to attend presidential debates. I thought that was smart.

CNN, FOX, CBS, ABC, XYZ, or whatever station you want to talk about would benefit tremendously from carrying a debate live, or even broadcasting it live online. So why not pay the debaters to attend. Interesting thought.

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