The Dot Com Lifestyle, Why Should You Attend?

This is not just a meetup. It is a mastermind, we will share with you some of the best and most successful techniques we've found to achieve the dot com lifestyle. We will teach you, we will guide you, we will inspire you. You will love this.

But, really, why should you attend? (as if that wasn't enough).

First, because we'll have meetups that range from an informational overview type of meetup, to hands-on workshops and also social events like dot com lunches. The lessons learned will be powerful, the networking and support will be unparalleled. The value you will derive from being a member will be priceless. I guarantee you that much.

Second, because we are more than well qualified to lead you in this path. John Chow basically pioneered this lifestyle when he propelled his blog to making $40,000/month with just 2 hours of work each day, although he won't admit it in public, or officially, I can guarantee you he makes way more than that now.

Mark Berkowitz is a marketing genius. Mark prefers to keep a low profile online, but Mark has led a company named Aptivo to be one of the top companies in their space and one of the highest rated apps in the Google Apps marketplace. His understanding of marketing, implementation and deployments is unparalleled.

And me, Oscar Gonzalez, I am the technical and social guy behind this. Having worked for startups and well established companies has given me an amazing breadth of experience in collaboration, team building, courseware design and delivery, design and implementation. And over the past few years my focus has been in marketing through social media and other online channels. After coaching and advising countless entrepreneurs and small business owners, I've decided to break this lose for everyone to benefit from what I've learned.

If the company you will be with isn't enough to convince you that this is the place where you should be on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, perhaps the cost will be interesting to you. The cost will vary between free and your own cost to pay for lunch. Provided that our venue is hosted, we will host you for free. We want to share with you our knowledge and advice, and give you an opportunity to join us in this journey.

So what are you waiting for? RSVP here, our first event is next week on Thursday evening. Kick-off meetup. Living the Dot Com Lifestyle.

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