Busy busy

I've been so busy lately that I haven't had time to post much around here. Aside from a couple of help-style posts, I have some stuff to give you a heads up about.

Over the next few weeks or few months, I'm going to be migrating some content onto this site. You might have seen it before at my old site, so I apologize for the repeated post. Unfortunately I can't post something on here without updating wordpress' RSS and e-mail posts features. So bear with some of the duplicates please. Part of the original plan was for notagrouch to be my substancial blog, while muychingon becomes my personal river of stuff; videos, links, stories, quotes, and other little bits and pieces. NAG is my true blog, while Muychingon is really going to become more like my own personal tumblr.

Can you believe its almost Thanks Giving already!

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