The Genographic Project

I keep hearing about this new project led by National Geographic. Its called the Genographic project. I think its very intruiguing to know that there is a global effort to find out where we actually come from. It is long been suggested that humans come from somewhere in Africa. The scientific evidence suggests this but until recent times, the amount of resources needed to research this was too much for a project of this size to be feasible.

The Genographic Project is seeking to chart new knowledge about the migratory history of the human species by using sophisticated laboratory and computer analysis of DNA contributed by hundreds of thousands of people from around the world. In this unprecedented and real-time research effort, the Genographic Project is closing the gaps of what science knows today about humankind's ancient migration stories

As technology prices go down and globalization progresses, this massive project is becoming more of a reality than just a dream. I recently ordered my participation kit. My mother did this late last year and a couple of weeks ago she got her results back. They are  very interesting to see; although a lot of it has very technical information that requires a lot of reading or training to really understand the results.

See all about The Genographic Project here.

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