I Quit Spotify. You Should Too If You Want to Get More Done

I've been a loyal Spotify subscriber for a couple years now. I love it. I use it when I go on road trips, and it's a godsend when I have my kids in the car.

Quickly I can put whatever song I want. The playlists are great, the social component is good and allows me to hear what some of my friends are listening to.

Their own discovery feature is good too and the curated playlists are some of the best I've come across.

So why did I quit Spotify?

I quit paying for Spotify because I'm on a mission to increase my productivity. I want to make 2018 be the year I kill it like no other year.

I'm making a lot of shifts in my life. Starting with my time management using Time Doctor. I will also be implementing the stuff taught on: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. -- Currently, my house & office is a disaster, almost worthy of a show of hoarders, almost.

But I have been paying attention to my habits when I'm on my computer. One of the bad habits is constantly checking FB or Twitter, just to see what's up. I'm already changing that, I cut back a lot of time I spend on there.

Another bad habit I have is trying to find something to play on the background while I work. Sometimes I feel it may even be an excuse to not get to the stuff I really need to work on.

Needless to say, this is a huge timesink because I end up spending a lot of time on Spotify looking for "just the right song."

Sometimes I'll do the same on Youtube, looking through my "watch later" playlist hoping to find something I can play in the background while I blog or try to complete another work-related task.

So while I was at Affiliate Summit I was talking to Stephan Spencer and he recommended Focus @ Will. Focus @ will is a music service specifically designed to help you focus.

I'm trying it now and it's awesome, the trial is free for two weeks, then it's the same price as Spotify. Actually is five cents cheaper.

Cheaper and Better

I' don't feel like spending money on two services which are intended to do the same thing for me. So I'm opting for Focus @ Will only for now since it has the benefit of helping me focus and get more stuff done.

I've already been testing it and it works. My trial will expire soon and I intend to keep the service.

The free ad-supported version of Spotify will have to suffice for the other times where I just need the music for the kids or for entertainment.

If you're looking to step up your game and want to have something play in the background, something that actually helps you instead of distracting you then give Focus @ Will a try. It's free to try.


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