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The Real Free Website Grand Opening. A success!


I was pleasantly surprised to see the results of launching my new venture. That is this website in case you didn't get the memo.

Real Free Website was born out of the desire and need to help other people be found online. If you've been following me for a while, then you know that I actually started setting up free websites for people from my Notagrouch.com blog.

Many people read my blog and I often get questions on how to setup a blog or website. Most people don't need anything fancy. But they need to be online. Whether you are a business owner, a musician, a hobbyist, an athlete or even a student, you need to have a presence online.

strategy-excecute-succeedI was spending a lot of time answering questions. Educating people about how the internet works, how websites work, what they should do next, where they should go for help. How to market themselves using a website. All in the hopes of getting new business to design another custom built website. But there was a disconnect. Most people that are looking for free advice, direction and the like, can't afford a professional web designer. Or they think they can't afford a professional web designer, but that's fodder for another blogpost.

Normally I build custom designed websites starting at about $3000.00 USD and going up to $25,000. That's a lot for most people. And so their next option is to hire someone cheap from Craigslist for like $450 or have a family member, friend, neighbor, or someone else "do their site." Their other option is to roll up their sleeves and do it themselves.

I usually think that the best option is to pay a professional to fully take care of your website. From design, to implementation, to support and maintenance and this comes out to a pretty penny. Believe me, even at $3000 or $5000, I'm very inexpensive compared to other "design agencies" out there. Many  design agencies outsource their work to me. So I know what it costs to build a site and I know how to do it right.

I still wanted to help people so I decided to streamline my process and give them a new option, I just couldn't keep spending hours and hours giving away my knowledge and time for free. So the option became this: Get a free quality website setup as I would set it up for my clients, for free. The same security settings, same best-practices, same plugins, and same quality.  Then give them the tools to design something great upon that foundation.

This gives people the tools and know-how needed to make their website stand out.  So I did this. I got really good at setting up sites quickly and with minimal expense for me. Then I found a hosting company that took pride in their support and provided very reasonable prices. I moved a few of my sites over to them to test them out, they passed all my tests. Then I found their affiliate program and joined it.

A match made in heaven. Combine my expertise at setting up websites with the web hosting services by Inmotion Hosting and Real Free Website was born. I took the same offering I had on my personal blog but I made it available to the public by branding it on its own.

next-stepsSo I decided to launch the service recently and I had a special offer at launch. Sign up to get a free website setup and you'd get three amazing bonus items. Free coaching or training from me, Free Email autoresponder setup and Free SEO evaluation and setup.

The grand opening went really well. It passed all my expectations, and it makes sense. I've never seen an offer like that or anything like that and that is what most of the people that made the choice to get a free website told me too.

So the next steps to continue to grow that business is to produce new training videos, more blogposts and I will also be publicizing specials on a regular basis so that the value continues to be unsurpassed.

Thank you for everyone that supported my venture online!

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