The Shoemoney Story Review and Giveaway.


The Shoemoney Story. Nothing's Changed but my Change.
The Shoemoney Story. Nothing's Changed but my Change.
I am finally coming around to giving you one of Jeremy Shoemaker's book. All you have to do is complete the entry below and you have a chance to win the book. I have three copies to give out.

But first, my thoughts on the book... The book is pretty cool, no, it's badass. It was easy to read but it was packed full of life stories, interesting anecdotes, and it's motivational. You think you want to be like Jeremy? You wanna have Millions in the bank, girls bowing down at your feet? How about your own superhero logo in your massive swimming pool? Does that sound like what you want? Well, it wasn't always so and Jeremy tells you in his autobiography. Jeremy's had a tough life. Tougher than yours, tougher than mine. So be careful what you wish for. I'm pretty sure your life is way better than how Jeremy's life was before he decided to change it. It took a lot of time, effort, sweat, blood and tears to get where he is now. So if you're in a tough spot, this book will motivate you because this is the ultimate rags to riches story and you can do it too. If you're life isn't so bad, this will motivate you because you'll realize how easy you have it, and all you have to do is get off your ass, grab your dream and run with it.

Really, that's all there's to it. DO IT. Don't worry about the haters, don't worry about the perceived obstacles. And when you do it, do it your way. Find the angles as Jeremy calls them. The opportunities that nobody else is willing to take. That's what got him where he is right now. But like I said, his story wasn't always like this. Yeah, he makes millions of dollars per year, and is married to a gorgeous woman that is a doctor. He's respected and admired by millions and contracted by some of the biggest companies in the world. So how did he do this, how has he achieved greatness? That's the Shoemoney story.

The book is written in a very very laid-back tone it's almost as if Jeremy's talking directly to you and just telling you the story. Jeremy hasn't won any writing awards and you probably won't ever see him win any. That's not his thing, just like his blog, Jeremy tells stories. And the stories in the book are total page-turners. You will learn how he went from dirt poor, living in his dad's mobile home trailer in the middle of nowhere, and eating cup of noodles just to be able to survive. Then and racking up thousands and thousands of dollars in debt, while dodging gangster bullets. At some point he's so depressed he doesn't even think he's going to make it pass his 30th year. We've all been down in the dumps and it's tough to come back from that. You need a kick in the ass and a motivator to get you off the couch and change your life. But if Jeremy's story isn't motivating to you then one of two things are true. You're an idiot, or you've already been through a similar path and can now sip mai tais on the beach while your empire brings you thousands of dollars an hour. At the very least, you'll think about your life in a deep existencial way.

The story is riveting it's amazing to see how he went from nothing to one of the top marketers people in the world. He makes millions of dollars now doing what he loves and he achieved that because he just simply wanted to do something different. He calls what he does "finding angles" and he walks a very fine line that will question your own morality, ethics and and it was there certain parts of his life were things clicked and prompted him to take action and get office as stop being bummed out about himself and do something better with his life I'm not going to spoil the book because you have to read it but it is worth every page.

Now, you can go out and buy the book right now, you can get it from Amazon on paperback or kindle, or if you have a little bit of patience, I will give away 3 books over the next 2 weeks. You have to complete the requirements in the giveaway below if you want a chance to win the book. I will mail it to you on on my dime, so you don't even pay for shipping.

The giveaway kicks-off today at noon. I'm running it through Rafflecopter so it should be really easy for you to enter. If you want to be notified sign up to the mailing list on the right. Also, winners will be announced via the mailing list so make sure you get on it. You can enter multiple times, each action you take gives you a different number of entries for the giveaway. Not sure how this giveaway works? click here for a short explanation.

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