How do you think about money?

My buddy John Chow recently wrote what I think is one of the best posts in his website. It's about the 1% and the 99%. It is titled: 100 Ways Rich People Think Differently. And It's a list of 100 ways to think about money. One side of the coin is how the 99% looks at and deals with money, the other side of the coin is the perspectives of the 1%.

Many of these seem common sense, but we know there is no common sense. So I'll highlight a few of my favorites; the ones I've been living for a while now. These are also a reminder for me to stay focused on my goals, dreams and achievements.

John's list says:

#1 The 99% focus on saving. The 1% focus on earning.

I say:

I must be part of the 1% at least in spirit, because my one goal in mind when I'm working, or developing a business is earning, not saving.

#12 The 99% believes the road to riches is paved with formal education. The 1% believes the road to riches is paved with specific knowledge.

Aha! I have specific knowledge. Do you?

#22 The 99% has a lottery mentality. The 1% has an action mentality.

Good things come to those that work for them.

#29 The 99% plays it safe with money. The 1% takes calculated risks.

#42 The 99% thinks small. The 1% thinks big.

These are in the same boat. Making it big requires big thinking and taking risks; some people agree to this but can't bring themselves to actually do it. It's a constant struggle. Most people don't get it, that's why the 99% exists.

#60 The 99% loves to be comfortable. The 1% is comfortable being uncomfortable.

Couldn't have said it better, we are comfortable when under some pressure, when things aren't working out well, etc. Why? Because we see the big picture, and the hardships, trouble, stress or other factor that make your life uncomfortable right now will be worked out and you'll see the sunny side of the hill. We will fix these things that make it uncomfortable.

#63 The 99% plays not to lose. The 1% swings for the fences.

Go big or go home, rehashed. DO it.

And back around for #21.

The 99% earns money doing things they don’t like to do. The 1% get rich doing what they love.

All these are critical when thinking about money, about your business and your dreams as they relate to financial goals.

Is your mind thinking in the right track? Or are you still thinking small?

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