Here are tips for content creators and influencers. Business owners and entrepreneurs can also take advantage of these. I post these on TikTok and Instagram and other networks but often times I can’t share more details to make the tips more useful. Hope you find the additional information I’ve included useful.

TikTok Tips

These are primarily tips for content creators on TikTok, but they apply to other types as well. Follow me on TikTok, it's just for fun right!? I started posting some tips I recorded for TikTok a while back. It's a series of 14 tips geared towards influencers and small business owners. Check them out and drop me a like, or some comments. Enjoy!

Tip 01

Even if you are an influencer, you need a website. It’s the only online property that you can actually own, control, and do whatever you want with it.

You can get a website started here, or here. Both of these places will give you a free domain. And if you use my links, I’ll build you a website for free.

Tip 02

You can get a website started today. You need a domain and hosting. You can get a domain from Godaddy, or Namecheap and then you can get hosting from a number of places. If you use my links for Inmotion Hosting, or Greengeeks, you can get your domain for free when you purchase a hosting plan. I’ll build your starter website for free.

Tip 03

Tip number 3 was about this page. I just told you that you could come here to get more details about all the stuff I talk about. But since you’re here, why don’t you follow me on TikTok?

Tip 04

Setup your website and use the link in your social media profiles. Why? Because social media profiles come and go, all your efforts all your followers may lose you if your account gets removed, deleted, censored, or another social media company becomes the hot trend.

But if you direct your fans and followers to your own website, you have a chance to make an everlasting connection through your email, or whatever current social profile you’re most active on.

Tip 05

Build your site, but hold off on telling everybody. Why shouldn’t you tell everyone about your website? The main reason is to maintain momentum. Like I say in the tip if you show your website and you don’t have anything, or it says “Under construction” or “Comming soon” or some other nonsense, then you’ll lose credibility. It’s okay to have a website that is being developed but don’t share a page that doesn’t have any content. Have 3 – 4 pages done before you advertise it. About, Contact, Bio, Links, Social Media are all good pages to start with, and even better would be a blog with 5 – 10 blog posts. You can also take this time to install Google Analytics and let Google index your site.

Tip 06

Besides content and information, you need a way to track your visitors and activity on your pages. An easy way is to use Google Analytics. It’s free, you can get an account here. If you’re using WordPress, you can use a plugin to install the Google Analytics code easily. I use Monster Insights, also free, but there are a half dozen available in the WordPress repository.

Tip 07 – not published yet.

Tip 08 – not published yet.