Ultimate Online Profit Model Book Vlog

In this episodes I talk about a few things. This is now almost 3 weeks old, but with Thanksgiving, then my daughter's birthday I just couldn't get it out to you before. But I'm glad this is out now and ready for you to watch. Hope that you learn something new and I hope that I motivate you a little bit more.

Here's what I cover in today's video:

The new book that will teach you how to make money online. Serious money with no tech skills required. Make at least 1000 extra per month with this, I make way more than this, some of my friends are making over 10K per month, some are making over $100,000 per month. I'll get there and pass them soon.

Learn why you are better off than I was when I started my business. I also talk about Vanesa Rey’s new website. This is a cool new site you need to check out. Vanesa is selling some slick iPhone cases for women. Yes, they're for women unless you're a guy and want to wear a blinged out girly necklace iPhone case... to each its own I guess. But in anyway.

I also talk about a little bit of my own struggles with business, and I show you a little inspirational or motivational "token" I look at everyday to remind me of a not so obvious truth. Talk a little bit about a little motivational item I see everyday to remind me to stay grounded.

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