Updates to Notagrouch.com

I wanted to show you a couple of things I've been working on my site. I might have mentioned these before and pointed out a couple on my first newsletter. but I wanted to highlight a few other changes.

I've modified my photo album on here. You can find my photos now in a couple places. On the front page, you'll find a link to Photos on the right hand side on the menu bar. That will take you to my gallery of galleries and photos. You can also find some random photos on the sidebar from the home page.

[box type="note"]Edit: I added a Video wall. All my videos from Oscar Gonzalez on Youtube are now available through the Notagrouch TV link! All done with a simple easy plugin.[/box]

I finally added something under the self-development or personal development menu all the way at the top. In case you didn't or hadn't noticed, most of the top-most menu items don't work on my site, yet. I'm fixing this as I build more content. As I find little bits of time here and there I'm updating those to actually show you the intended content. So that part is ready, and it's really just a link to the posts marked as Self Development.

Also, I've re-edited my free WordPress installation page to be even simpler than it was before. The general feedback has been that it has/had too much information. So now I get to the point right away and then explain more if the reader wants to know more. Check out the free wordpress installation service offer I have if interested.

My resources page is up and available for you. It's at the very top as well under free resources for entrepreneurs. You'll find links to apps, videos, resources and guides that I've found useful along my entrepreneur journey. Mostly online resources. A great collection that will continually grow and be updated for your benefit. Check out my free resources page.

In the next month or so, I hope to redesign the header of the site and start sketching a new overall design. Maybe just tweaks and fixes. I also would like to highlight that I've been creating quite a bit of video lately in the form of Vlogs and other stuff like Tutorials. If you're into Youtube, you can check out my channel and subscribe at Oscar Gonzalez' Youtube Channel.

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