Missing Mobile Android Apps

I like my android, and most of the Android Apps out there. But I thought that there is one missing Android app for our smart phones. We need a Chrome / Android app. Similar to the one that lets you send websites from your chrome browser to your mobile phone. Except the need is to make it go the other way.

Use cases:
* Scan QR code and send info to your Chrome browser.
* As you are reading an article, you walk into your office and want to finish it on your desktop.

Ideally, you could choose different "profiles" or users to send it to, but directly to the browser. So if you need to send a website to someone, you could just send it directly to their Chrome browsing session.

Wouldn't that be cool and useful?

I guess a rudimentary way of doing this right now is with a web service, like readitlater or evernote or something like that. The only problem with that is the couple of additional steps of sending it to the service. Then typing in some description for it, and then retrieving the website when you get to the desktop.

Another way would be to have your browsers synchronized and save the article to a temporary bookmarks folder.

I guess I'll have to try this and see how it works.

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