How to Upload to TikTok From Your Computer

TikTok is dominating social media and mobile apps right now. Time spent on the app is off the charts, but if you're a content producer you may want to upload directly from your computer's browser. This is how.

TikTok has taken the world by storm, it started as the mobile app Now it boasts billions of downloads and somewhere around 800 million monthly active users.

Recently TikTok seems to have added the ability to go beyond the mobile app and allow the users to upload videos directly from their computer or laptop. Using a normal browser, you can now upload videos to TikTok.

This is really useful if you’re creating videos on a regular movie editor like Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere, DaVinci or something else.

The only caveat is that you don’t have access to all the same tools when you upload to TikTok through your desktop or laptop. Here’s a short video on how to upload to TikTok from your computer.

Video: How To Upload To TikTok From Your Laptop or Desktop