Viddy, Vine Alternative for Android. How does it stack?

Recently at #SMMOC we talked about Vine. Twitter's latest attempt at staying relevant. I gotta say it is pretty interesting and more compelling than I originally thought. Vine is pretty cool but if you don't have an iPhone, you're out of luck. But I went online and found some alternatives for Android users. Primarily I found Viddy.

So what is Vine? Vine is a little video app that lets you share video clips with your friends on Twitter, but the video clips are just six seconds long. You'll be surprised how interesting they can be. If you don't believe me, get the app or check out an online viewer for vine it's called Vinepeek.

I've been describing Viddy to friends as Instagram for video. that's the easiest way to explain it. If they don't know what instagram is then you can say that viddy is a quick video trailer maker. Or an app to edit short little videos and give them some effects and a soundtrack.

Viddy's time limit is 15 seconds. But like Instagram, you can pick several effects that get applied to your video. In fact most of the experience is like Instagram's. You pick a video from your gallery, then you select a 15 second segment. After your selection is made, then you can apply an effect. You select a thumbnail to be the representative image for the video and you can also apply a 15 second soundtrack from a preset list of choices.

Once you've setup your video effects and stuff, you can give it a title, description and share it out to your networks. You have built-in sharing abilities for Facebook, Youtube (yes it uploads there too!), Twitter and Tumblr. The only problem I've ran into with Viddy so far is that it doesn't seem to save the authorization for some of these apps. Like I have to grant permission to access Twitter each time.

With that said, check out my Viddy Profile in my Social Networks Page, or enjoy some videos I made over the past couple days with Viddy. Pretty cool stuff.

Just me walking into the Post office. A crappy little video looks more glamorous after you run it through viddy's filters & add soundtracks.

@WaterClaire's friend waking up a bit

@WaterClaire meeting her friend. She has no idea. This one video didn't get a soundtrack, just an effect and the 15 second clip.

You can use videos that are already on your phone. You don't have to use a new video. This one is from when we were still in the hospital with @WaterClaire

This one has a video trailer feel to it because of the music. Just a little video I was doing with her, this one has an effect and soundtrack applied to it.

Here are some screenshots of the app and the process of getting a video Onto Viddy.

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