Screenshot showing the post at hand, with the matching annotations.

Example of a Good Facebook Post

Here's a good example of what I think is a good use of a Facebook Wall post for a business. This example is in retail, more specifically, food. In fact it's a pretty successful store. But it's not super popular in Facebook yet. But they're trying and I think it's working. I think they're doing it well.

One thousand words should fit into this image nicely, but I still give you some annotations, check it out.

Screenshot showing the post at hand, with the matching annotations.
(click to enlarge) This post shows how they're building community instead of trying to push an agenda. This information is helpful and useful for the community.


  1. The link goes to a known website and it is not Gelson's own website where they might sell Heirloom tomatoes. In fact, if you think about it, the whole post almost implies that you can purchase this type of tomatoes at Gelson's. But they don't tell you that, instead they give you the link to a recipe where you can use these tomatoes. Also goes along with Seth Godin's idea of telling stories.
  2. Niiiice picture showing the tomatoes. We're visual creatures, feed us!
  3. The post was well received by the community.
  4. Someone in the community thought it would be good to share this post with their own group of friends, somehwere outside of the Gelson's wall. This is huge for a business because it is an endorsement from your customer to their friends, family or collegues.
  5. This is a good sign, the community is supportive of each other. Not everybody leaves comments, some people (the majority) simply read the posts. Other people like the posts and other people's comments to show support, agreement, or acknowledgment of the new post or comment.
  6. This is also a good sign, the company is actually available and responsive to people's feedback.

I've told you about the good stuff I see with this post, can you spot any opportunities missed? Let me know in the comments.

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