Vine for Android is Here… it sucks, but it’s here.

I kept bitching and moaning about the lack of Vine for Android, then just about 2 days after my last post on the matter I found out Vine for Android was released!

I'm very excited but also disappointed (yes the bitching and moaning continues). Now that Vine is available for android, they have to go back and fix it. It is broken so much that it is almost unusable. When you do manage to get it to work then it's cool and I got a few vines under my belt already if you want to check them out.


First a couple of the issues. Once you fire up the Vine app, after you hit the record button you can expect 5 - 20 seconds of "initializing" time. Most often than not that defeats the whole intent; usually the moment has passed.

Once the recording fires up and you record your vine you'll notice that in longer segments of your recording, the audio has about a 50/50 chance of being totally and completely off-sync from the video.

Fine, you get your vine recorded and finally you say Yes!!! I got my vine ready and you hit the share button. You wait and wait, it's "uploading to vine servers" and about 38 minutes later you'll get a notice that says: "Post failed Tap to retry." You'll tap that over and over again with no results. Immediately after you hit tap to retry, it will fail again. Essentially wasting all of the 90 minutes you used up trying to get the vine app started, a recording done and tapping it to upload it.

In the off-shoot chance that you do get a vine to work, you should do a little happy dance because that will be one successful attempt out of about 67 of them. Be happy and lucky with that, don't even dare ask where the Facebook share button is like in the iOS counterpart because it simply isn't there. You can tweet it but that's about it.

So I finally got it to work a few times and these are some of my vines:

Having a burger at The Counter in Irvine:

The forecast of my day:

Fueling up

Having a drink at the bar

The Corona dance

Getting ready for the cocktail mixer at the Home Business Summit

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