Vlog in the car. Got a question for you.

We live in great times, the technology developments in the past 200, 100 and 20 years are staggering. But it comes with a price and currently I'm paying the price of information overload. How do you manage it? How do you organize yourself and handle things in a way that life continues to be joyful and exciting. Perhaps I'm experiencing a burnout, perhaps I'm "doing it wrong" even though people pay me to teach them "how I do it" I still feel it could be improved. Your thoughts?


  1. Information is seductive, and it’s easy to become trapped into thinking that it’s ALL important (or all equally important). The reality is, it’s not.

    Take a weekend to analyze the various pipelines of information you’re getting, and determine the value and importance of each. Then budget your time accordingly. Some channels may only need monthly attention. Others weekly. Of those that need daily attention, figure out how much time you can devote to this (based on the value derived) and carve out slices for each.

    For example, you might decide that Facebook is “filler” for spare moments throughout the day (waiting in line, etc.). You might spend 15 minutes each morning reviewing your RSS subscriptions, curating content, commenting and resharing.

    The first step is to estimate the relative value of each activity, then don’t give the low value ones too much time! Make sure it’s proportional to what you get out of them.

    • Thank you Jeff. Really great tips and almost common sense but we get busy in all the hustle and bustle and forget to do this. I’m now listing the attention grabbers and next will be to prioritize them. That’ll be the tough part. Thanks for weighing in.

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