Idea for another plugin

I'm looking for a plugin that puts the blog into "edit" mode as I would want it so that I could review posts and make corrections on the fly.


  • Theme independent.
  • Plugin friendly.
  • Integrate to WordPress built-in revision system. ((This means you could switch to each revision and it would just update on the view panel as well, automatically))
  • Ok with any permalink option that works or can be set through the WordPress admin panel.
  • Would be nice if you automatically got your cursor placed at the edit box, then tab should move you to the top right edit panel and move you down progressively in the right order down the editable options. Conversely you should have the option in the admin panel to "skip" certain boxes when you tab over so it is even faster to go to "edit next"

Plugin would work like this:

  • When the user has Admin rights or appropriate level of permissions. ((Integrate with Role Scoper at least))
  • Next to or around the header there should be a multifunctional button, similar to the current Help and "Screen Options" or "help" menus perhaps? Maybe next to the Name of the blog on the left?. I like the idea of making a "Edit content" link next to the "visit site" link which puts the blog in this "editor mode" I am thinking about.
  • The menu should include the option to view posts on Editor mode ((This could probably be just a theme switch? In fact I think it basically will be a theme issue)).

Editor mode provides:

  • Side by side panels of Web view and Edit view.
  • The Web view should be easy to read and conducive to editing; eg no clutter.
  • There should be a tool bar ((Maybe a thin bar at the top? ala WWSGD)) that will provide edit next, and edit previous, and settings -- this options setting should have the option of being filtered by status and this should be "sticky"; I think.

Admin panel offers:

  • CSS edit from within admin panel WordPress.
  • Option to choose javascript library ((Yup, this means that the code needs to be simple enough to be compatible with at least 3 major libraries, preferably it should be indpendent enough so it doesn't matter))
  • Detect major "frameworks" and add integration options?
  • Blog and updates about the plugin.
  • Options to really delete a block of text, or to use the "strikthrough" otpion from WordPress. Options, delete/strikethrough/button. Button should offer the offer to "strikethrough" just like the edit box, or you can use delete. ((WTF, this is already what the edit panel does, why change it?))
  • Donate button
  • "Editor profile creator/loader" -- You can create profiles based on categories, tags, authors, dates or whatever. This would be one of the options when you go to "editor mode" on the website. You could for example pick your "Pending review" profile and only posts with this status would be cycled through the editor mode. Other filters could be for example a keyword + date filter.
  • You should be able to set a preference to always open a "default" profile, or to always ask you.
  • Able to set options to be left alone or to always prompt you to edit them.
  • Google Ads?
  • Options to always/ask/never display:
    category edit, url edit, author edit, other options. ((Maybe you never want to change the existing categories during your review process))

Edit view must be full blown edit mode.

  • If edit mode provides additional options for plugins installed, these must be preserved.
  • As you edit, changes should update and refresh (AJAX?) on the view side.
  • It must understand and play nice with major plugins ((Role Scoper, WP Super Cache, ContactForm 7, Yoast's, King's, And those major plugins favored by the masses are the first that come to mind.))
  • It must try to detect javascript library conflicts and either correct them, or swerve around it gracefully. ((The first option that comes to mind is to write it as library independent as possible but allow it to use a custom library; supporting major ones like YUI, mootools, scriptaculous, jQuery and other good ones. Ideally this would be a radio-button in the admin panel))


  • Integrate keystrokes to it, make them match Gmail's as much as possible.
  • Still thinking about this one -- Gears integration?
  • Option to "re-ping" search engine or permalinks to let them know that a post has been updated. Is this even allowed?

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