The Good Life

What is The Good Life?

The Good LifeThe Good Life has many meanings. For me, the Good Life is the life you are content with, happy abounds in this life. This is the Good Life that I pursue and I will try to reflect this throughout my blogposts each time I write.

For some, The Good Life is a life of wealth and riches. For others is a large family. Some people fight the corporate battle to get that higher promotion. And that struggle and perseverance are the tough parts people go through before reaching The Good Life. But we go through them to reach our own Good Life.

For me, my Good Life is the life I'm living now. But In my very own definition of a Good Life is a that I must lead a life in which I spend time improving that very same life. Reminds me of Escher, but in anycase, I want to know more, I want to have more, be more, DO. More. -- I talked a little about this on Know Thyself.

That is the Good Life. Experiences, grand or small that make your life complete or close to perfect. The little things that make you smile. This may be too simplistic for some, but I guess it doesn't hurt to be an optimist.

A glass of a new wine. A trip to a new destination. A kiss from my wife. More visitors to my websites. A smile from my daughter. A new car. A new client. Another dollar. A Good meal. Any of those things, when they happen, they reflect the good life that I so vehemently pursue. A recent Good Life moment was the birth of my daughter, Claire.

So what does The Good Life mean to you?

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