What would you do if you had minutes to live?

Timehop, one of my favorite services as of lately reminded me that a year ago I posted about this video on Facebook. I thought it's timely still and I like to share it with you this time here, on my blog.

The video is about realizing how short each moment is. How we have our bucket list of things to do, and we postpone them because, today we're tired. Because the premiere of The Apprentice is coming up.

This guy, Ric Elias describes his experience while his flight crashed. A lot of realizations can happen in a moment. Some of us won't get that wake up call so that we can re-align our priorities. In an instant everything can be changed.

He leaves us with a task, to imagine yourself in this same situation he just described. And he asks: "how would you change?" if you had this gift, the miracle of a second chance. What would you get done that you are waiting to get done because you think you're going to be here for ever?

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