About my New New Vlogging Camera, the EOS 800D AKA Rebel T7i


I think Sean Cannell said this was the best vlogging camera for 2018. I decided to get it a few months ago and I like it, but this video is about why I have the Canon EOS 800D aka Rebel 7Ti.

You may be wondering, a year later after Sean dropped that video. Should I get it if I want to vlog with it?

Watch the video to hear what I think about it and how I got my hands on one of these for about $100 less than regular retail price.

The company I got it from is eGlobal Central. Some people have had less than stellar experiences with them, but my experience was flawless and my friend’s also.

A couple of friends have spent over $ 4,000 with them in various electronics and gadgets without a problem. But the general recommendation is to use Paypal or a good credit card so you have buyers’ protection just in case something goes wrong.

My camera took about 12 days to arrive. I expected that it would take two weeks so 12 days was just about right. 

If you are skeptical of using eGlobal Central, I understand and I don't blame you. I have found this same camera in Amazon for a little cheaper than retail, check it out here for the latest price.

Here's the video: Canon EOS 800D or Rebel 7ti as a Vlogging Camera 

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