Where Did Summer Go?

Summer is almost over and I'm a little bummed out. It feels like it flew by and just looking back I'm wondering, where the heck idd it go?

Well I don't know but moving forward... I'm back and feel like blogging again. For a while there for about 2 months now, I fell into a little bit of a funk. In fact I'm still kinda climbing out of this bleh-hole. Hoping a blogpost will re-ignite it.

I'm very excited about my new son, but still can't help to feel a bit odd. Maybe it's "baby blues" as they say, lol. I'm sorting out those thoughts on another blogpost for Papidaddy.

Good Morning!



In other news, my new tutorial site is doing great. Traffic is growing steadily and it seems to be getting some traction. We'll see how September goes.

I think from a business point of view, the best has come and gone for the year. People are now going to be concerned with back to school, and a long stretch of holidays. But one of the things with internet marketing is that it works 24/7/365.

There's plenty of stuff for internet marketers to promote! Talk soon.

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