Youtube Gold: College Humor

College Humor has been around for a while (website). I think they were around years before Youtube started. That's ancient in Internet years. But if you're looking for something to watch CollegeHumor is one good channel to add to your subscriptions and regular "watch later" list.

College Humor now produces mostly short comedy skits and they're usually pretty good. They have videos targeted at young men and women. It is college humor indeed, but you can think of most of their content as pop culture and trivia.

If you want some to add some humor to your life and regular television won't cut it. Then you should check this channel out and join over 9 Million subscribers that already know about it.

Sometimes the skits are cheesy, sometimes they're cool but they are always well produced. They are a mix of humor, pop culture and trivia. Here are some of my latest favorite videos.

You're hanging out with your friends, or your girlfriend (or wife) and this question may pop into your mind. Am I basic? Well, this is How to tell if You're a Basic Bro.

In the trivia department, this is one of their best ones in my opinion. 13 Things You Are True, But Aren't.

One of my favorites from them is also the most viewed video in their channel with over 57 million views. It might be past its prime but it's still great; a parody of Gangnam Style, this is Mitt Romney Style. Hey, Wealthy Ladies!

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