Affiliate Question. Isn’t it Better To Find a Niche with Low Competition?


I get this question or a version of it on a regular basis. One of my current students is stuck on this and I thought I'd answer this for everyone.

The short answer is NO, it isn't.

When you think you found a niche that isn't competitive, there is a reason why. Option 1, because there is no money to be made there, or option 2, the niche isn't developed.

Option one means that the niche exists but nobody is going to pay for products in there, or the products available are so low profit that it will take you years to make a profit. This is definitely not a place for beginners to go. I promise, you will quit and quitters fail.

The second option is great if you have the next five to ten years available for yourself and almost an unlimited budget to educate the people and market your product well enough for that niche to mature. If the first option is only reserved for experts, then this second option is the one that only bored billionaires should try.

If you watch this video, at least the first 6 minutes. You'll hear the same thing, and take it from an established expert, Jeremy Schoemaker aka Shoemoney.


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