Tips From Neville Medhora How To Get Practice Writing

The only way to get better at writing is to write. Blogging is no different. If you want to become a better blogger then you have to blog. I found this great video that gives you some tips on getting more writing practice.

A few tips of advice to get practice in writing.

1) Start writing.

2) Don't complicate yourself. Just write.

3) Start a blog and write a lot online.

4) Promote and pitch your work around.

Starting a blog is probably the easiest way to get writing practice. The reason I suggest you start a blog instead of just writing on your computer is that you can put the writing out there and get some people to read it.

When people read your work even as a beginner, you learn a lot more than if you just write for yourself. You'll notice if people are interested, you'll find out if you have a voice that people want or if you need to adjust it.

Also by writing in a public blog, you'll learn ancillary tasks like promoting and getting exposure. Many writers think that they just have to write well and that's it. But today, you have to know how to put your writing in front of people so you need to get at least a basic understanding of that.

Once you get some practice blogging, you should do some guest blogposts in notable places to get exposure. This has been and still is an extremely valuable method of getting recognized as an expert or leader in your niche. But there's a key element to make this successful.

One key aspect that Neville mentions regarding guest blogging in this video is to do the work in advance! Many times people pitch the idea of writing a blogpost for someone but they don't have the blogpost yet. They want to be accepted before they write the article. This is counter productive.

If you are not known, the publishing place will not care to negotiate with you or go back and forth discussing ideas and possible topics to write about. Instead, Neville suggests you do the work up front, write the article specifically for the outlet you will pitch and then approach them. The worst thing that can happen is that they'll turn you down. You can then tweak the article a bit and pitch it to another outlet.

The secret behind this successful technique of course is that if you have the article written already, and  you crafted it with that specific media outlet in mind then they are more likely to say yes because the article is ready to go. It's less work for the editor or publisher.

That's it for this blogpost, I'm keeping it short. I wanted to share this video and a few tips that have been extremely useful for me. I started following Neville's videos earlier this summer and his advice is solid. Probably one of the best sources and most underrated YouTube channels for online marketers.

I don't know if Neville will continue to make videos, but you should check out the ones that are already published on his channel, you can find it here. And he also has a copywriting course that seems pretty cool, but I haven't tried it myself. You can find the course at

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