AI Revolution

So what's next after chatGPT? Some of us have known about GPT for a while, Elon co-founded OpenAI so of course, I knew about it. I just didn't expect them to release chatgpt and blow everyone's minds.

So what's next? We're going to see an explosion of new apps and systems and tools that leverage the knowledge and API that OpenAI has, we're also going to see competitors of OpenAI, but I think that OpenAI has a first-mover advantage in a way that may be impossible to beat.

Anybody can write a layered wrapper on ChatGPT and build something cool.

We're going to see a million of these. For example, I ran into Adept earlier.It's not even working, but they're pushing their idea out there.

is it a good idea? sure why not? an AI to interact with the web. Sure, I'm on board. On TikTok, I ran into GPTBOSS, or CHATBOSS or whatever. An "AI" let's you talk to "employees" to get their take on particular issues ok, cool, but a bit gimmicky.

There's Adept which promises to do stuff for you online, take info from here and fill out stuff over there. Cool, yeah that's neat. And there's which pretends to be a specific person when you chat with them, but it falls short from the mark, I mean just look at the screenshot.

There are 1000 new "ai" systems, but really, they all leverage OpenAI and a couple of automation. I can't wait until Open AI has real competitors, and it will be amazing.

In the meantime, keep playing with ChatGPT, Midjourney, Dall-E. And if you feel inclined to, start an app using OpenAI's system. I mean, chatGPT will even write the code for you!

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