When the Apocalypse Comes, I Want This Guy With Me

This guy took my advice to the extreme when I said you could have the Dot Com Lifestyle if you really want it. I give him props but he probably won't find an internet provider where he built this. That's a must-have for the internet lifestyle. He decided to move to the mountains and build a hut.

Yes, a hut out of mud. A hut out of mud and sticks and rocks. A hut. A hut with a roof made of tiles.

Bear Grylls may be able to make a day shelter or a lean to but I promise you he's got nothing on this guy. Watch as he builds his hut from scratch. And when I say from scratch, I mean it.

He builds a kiln so he can bake ceramic and uses it to build a sturdy tiled roof. This will probably be the only hut you ever see with central heat also! Not to shabby. You can find more about him at Primitivetechnology.wordpress.com

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