Bank of America new ATM

I've been telling some of you about the new Bank of America ATMs. They're pretty cool because when you want to deposit money to your account, you don't have to use an envelope or even count your money. You can insert a check and the machine will automatically find the amount and confirm this amount with you before depositing to your account.


(originally published in 7/2007) Also if you have cash, all you have to do is stack it up in order from higher to lower denomination and insert it into the receptacle for cash. The machine will then count it and show you the results and wait for you to confirm that the amount is correct.

You should still count your money before you put it in there, for good measure. But I think it is still cool that they've taken one step to simplify this process. I hope they replace the remaining old machines with these new fancy one soon.

Processing cash

After you insert the cash, you'll see this and hear the familiar bill counting machine noise going on inside of the atm.

After processing, you can verify that the machine counted your money correctly.

ATM finished with cash

Jan 10 2008, update. I posted a follow up to this story. Feel free to check it out if you want to see my expanded comments on it.


  1. This is not good for small businesses because we have a lot of checks to deposit. If you have several checks, it’s not safe to stand there and scan check after check. It took me over 45 minutes to make one deposit. You are now forced to go into the bank to make the deposit. It is good for personal accounts, though.

  2. Well, as a small business. wouldnt you use the regular deposit box? the big one where you insert a business deposit envelope? Its a drop and go operation, much faster than an atm. I think you just have to talk to your bank so they start accepting these kinds of deposits.

  3. Depositing money takes forever with those new machines. Feeding it one bill at the time is a nightmare. The machine broke down right after I used it and I didn’t get my receipt. I had no proof of my deposit and had to go to the teller to verify my deposit. So in the future I will go to the teller right away. People will have to wait in line at the machines so you might as well go to the teller.

  4. Hey kate, thanks for stopping by! Well I don’t know, I guess I’ve been lucky. I’ve put a few small stacks of bills, up to 30 at a time, and it has never had a problem. One time it took about 30 seconds to “respond” but it eventually came back and it had my amount completely counted. I hardly ever wait in line at the atm, so I like them better. Conveniently, BoA has a drive-thru near by so for me… this is awesome.

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  6. I am not impressed with these new ATMs. I tried a check and it could not read the check. It is a printed check; not even a hand-written check. I had to go to a teller. I am getting out of B of A.

  7. I gotta say that sucks Sam. They have been working for me perfectly. I have consistently deposited checks, both printed and handwritten. Both types of checks have worked so far without a problem. Maybe I’ve been lucky. I still think these machines are great. I also use the cash feature and that works great as well.

    In fact, there are 2 new atm’s near my house, and I noticed that they are not the kind that takes on cash or checks without envelopes. These are brand new installations so it made me wonder a few things.

    Are these not catching on as much as I thought they would? Are most people on the “for” or “against” more of these machines? Would some minor tweaking improve them a lot? Do other banks have them?

    Who knows, but since one of these banks is really close to my house, I actually considered sending a letter to BoA to inquire about this. (yeah right, don’t stay tunned for that one.)

    Thanks for stoping by Sam.

  8. These machines suck, what a waste of money. first the machines require you to insert the check about 50 times before they read/recognize it. then other times the machines says “we don’t accept checks today or we dont’t accept cash today. Now this last month the machine takes my check without crediting my account and I have to do all the leg work to prove iI actually made the deposit. BOA knows that they have bought a lemon and is slow to react. I going to another bank after 12 years with BOA.

  9. logan bacharach
    logan bacharach

    I will quit too . Ate my check w/o scanning then tore the next as it was oversized. several customers in front of me gave up after checks were rejected multiple times.

    Up yours Bof A!

  10. Thats a bummer. Fortunately for me, these things keep working and I still like them. Good luck to you guys.

  11. The new machines suck. I “trusted” the machine and attempted to deposit about $250 cash. I didnt count the cash completely. The machine “jams” and tells me that it cannot read my cash and that is also CAN NOT return the unread bills. I then have to type in the amount. I call the numbers to the bank on my receipt to talk to customer service. All I got was the run around. BOA and DIEBOLD sux! Give me an envelope any day.

  12. The machine just ate my $2900 check 🙁 I called the 800 number for BoA and they say I need to sign some forms etc…. I am switching out as soon as my $250 of keep your change money gets credited to my account!

  13. Hi all… Just wanted to say I’ve lost two checks so far. On a few months back and one yesterday. Both were the same symptoms – The machine takes the check, can’t scan/read it, and then doesn’t return it to me. Then I’m left with an 800 number and a the claims process to get the money credited to the account. I went down this road with the first check and to this day BofA hasn’t found the check. I had to have it reissued. Yesterday’s check? Not worth dealing with the claim service… I’m closing this account. It’s kind of pointless, for me, to have a bank account with a Bank when I can’t reliably use an ATM. Not sure if Wells Fargo is better, but I may give them a shot…

    To repeat what someone else sais: “Up yours BofA!”

  14. Wow! It does kind of suck that all of you are having this problem. I wonder why? Maybe the machines in your area are defective or haven’t been maintained properly. I would assume that new technology would bring different procedures to perform maintenance and service, and usually these take time to propagate throughout the system.

    On one hand, it is good that they are trying to bring innovation, but on the other hand, it is a terrible thing to loose customers because of new “features”

    I took some video recently of a few atm transactions using the new machines. I should have it posted soon. Ironically, one of the clips shows me coming up to the ATM, ready to “show you guys, how easy it is, and how it works for me” and it turns out the machine wasn’t accepting cash at the time.

  15. I have to agree with everyone but Oscar on this… these machines are a NIGHTMARE! Spend 5 – 10 minutes to find out they can’t read the checks, and then go spend 5 – 10 more minutes in line to see a teller, to actually make a deposit.

    I have a WAMU account that I rarely used, and now it’s about the only thing I use because I just don’t have the time to mess around with BofA new system. It’s a shame, because I have always had multiple accounts from business, personal to credit cards with BofA since 1992. but if I can’t deposit my money, it’s all worthless.

  16. I just used a similar machine today with a different bank. I deposited $141.00 cash and the ATM gave me an error message, did not return my money and did not print a receipt even though I had requested it. And it happened on Christmas Eve, so I cannot talk to anyone at a branch or over the phone for another two days. All I can say is I will be extremely pissed off if this does not get credited to my account.

  17. @LostCheck,
    I hope that you got credited for the check, do you want to give us an update?

    Thanks for stoping by. Its a bummer that it isn’t working as well as I thought. I really like this system but all of you are right. If it only works for a few of us then it is not a good system.

    Oops, I’m sure it will be in your account sooner or later. After all, if worse comes to worse there should be video of you going to the ATM and doing a deposit.

  18. I’m in Arizona and I’m in agreement that these machines suck! I thought about calling them to complain after the 5th time in a month that I drove to the bank and every machine (3) wasn’t taking cash. But you know that’s just a waste of time. I only have around 10,000 in their bank and you know it would be better for them to have me close my accounts and go away rather than talk to me on the phone. I have had this happen at 4 different branches so far. If 1 machine isn’t taking deposits.. then none of them are at that branch. This is a joke. I can’t imagine having a bunch of checks to deposit. This thing is slower than any ATM in history.

  19. Funny you say that Al. About 2 weeks ago, on a weekend I went to the machine where I took the pictures. I have been going there since I discovered it and never had a problem. Until this time. I even had my camera ready, I was going to video tape a whole successful deposit comprised of cash and checks. But to my disappointment, the machine was not taking cash at the time. I’ve been back 3 times since, spacing the visits about 3 days apart. It has not been accepting cash ever since.

    That is crap. I am starting to see where you guys are coming from. But hopefully they get these fixed. I really think that its a good change and like a lot of new and emerging technologies, it will simply be a matter of time.

    Maybe another route will be to simply skip this cumbersome technology altogether and eventually do away with cash and checks. And it will all be done over the net. You can already send/receive money with your cell phone. Also, you can process checks right at your desk without ever having to go to the bank.

  20. Bottom line, BoA got sold a bill of defective goods.
    Neat technology, but not ready for commercial use.
    Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.
    Ya takes yer changes…

  21. Marc, thanks for stoping by, completely agree with you. I just wish they’d actually work.

  22. There is a follow up to this story now. Feel free to check it out
    Here’s the link

  23. Chris – do you have a follow-up on the BoA error? The same thing happened to my boyfriend the other day, and I am extremely suspicious of Bank of America. They said that they will send him a form to fill out (why can’t he just go into the branch and fill it out there?). I have read stories from people in the same situation, and they claim that they never even received the said forms, and in effect they lost their deposit. I wonder if BoA actually sends out these forms or are they just swallowing their customers’ money!

  24. Thanks Mary for stopping by again. I would be interested to know if Chris did get this resolved or not. Hopefully he’ll come back and let us know.

    I would not let this issue go simply because I did not receive the form. After 10 days or so I would go into the bank where the problem ATM is and would ask for the issue to be resolved. There is no excuse for this.

  25. My husband just got back from depositing $190 into our BofA account via one of those new atm machines & guess what? We made an extra $120 out of it! It confused the dollar amounts (mistook the 20s as 50s) & credited our account with $310.

    Even funnier, on his next stop to Wendy’s, he got a chili for free. I’m gonna send him out for a lottery ticket right now.

  26. My buddy had an account at BofA. He did a deposit in front of me and I was like that is way cool.

    My buddy uses it all the time because he over draws his account. Now he rush down to the ATM deposits cash before the overdrafts hit.

    I joined because that nice being able to save your a$$ from the overdraft man.

    BTW they have work and never giving me a problem. I think all banks should have them “GO GREEN”

  27. @Happy Gal, that is cool. I hope the bank lets you keep that extra money. They have this funny thing about making it difficult to correct a mistake when its in their favor. Then they really move fast when the mistake is in your favor. good luck, and yes I would have bought a lotto ticket that same day.

    @Vikes, Agreed. I didn’t think about those benefits before. The benefits of having the cash available immediately are more than I thought, and obviously helping with overdrafting is one of them. I’m glad you found BofA a good bank. Like I said before, they’re my favorite bank.

    Thanks both of you for coming to my site. To everyone else that is keeping track of this, I now have e-mail subscriptions for the whole site if you’re interested. Head over to the main page if you’d like to subscribe.

  28. @Happygal….omg! The same thing happened to me today! I made a $280 deposit (all 20s) and the atm read $640: 2 $20s and 12 $50s! I am not even sure what to do…..I guess I’ll wait and see if they catch it. If not…….well…..I’m sure there are some overdraft fees I’m due back!

  29. @Workingmami
    Wow! that’s a big mistake, hope you get to keep it, but somehow I have a feeling that they’ll correct that mistake.
    What ever happened with your situation? did you get to keep the extra cash?

    I wonder if these extra bucks you guys are finding are the ones that other people have lost while depositing in these envelopeless ATMs.

    I once logged on to my bank account to check it out as I do pretty much daily and found about 3K extra in the account. It was cool to see that extra money in there since I wasn’t expecting it, but a couple days later they called me to explain that someone had made a fat finger mistake and they had to take it back, I wish I could have kept it.

  30. This message is for HAPPYGAL and WORKINGMAMI, I would like to talk to you more about this. I have some general questions that I would rather not post here. If you feel so inclined you can contact me at thanks

  31. Hi Lou, Welcome, and thanks for stopping by. I don’t recommend that you post your e-mail address just like that. It is bound to be picked up by spammers and you’ll start getting (if you aren’t already) lots of spam. Please post back if you want me to edit your post, you should say something like name at yahoo dot com. that’s harder for spammers to harvest.

  32. Well, here it is, a few weeks later & BofA hasn’t done a thing about correcting the error in our favor. Looks like we’re in the clear.

    @ Workingmami– yep! I’m due back quite a few $32 overdraft fees from them! Those bastards will clear 1 big payment & allow 5 small ones to bounce just so they can get the fees for each one, no matter what the order of scheduled payment! They say it’s to protect people from bouncing important payments, like mortgages, but I’m not buying it.

    @ Lou– sorry, but I’ve told you everything I know about the situation & for all I know, you may work for the bank. Once I email, you could get my ip & isp info, contact my provider, get my name, then find my account & correct the error.

    @ Oscar– You make an excellent point. I was just wondering today if the person before us got jacked with their deposit. I really hope that’s not the case. If so, I hope they somehow get the bank to cover their loss.

  33. Hey Happygal. Thanks for coming back to update us. I would definitely agree that after a few weeks you may be in the clear. Good stuff.

    Hey, since we’re in the topic of free stuff. If any of you have high-school or j-high kids in school, I’ll be giving away a free computer soon. No bull. Check out the teaser )

  34. Why couldn’t BofA just leave things alone?? I haven’t used it to deposit any cash or checks due to all the negative comments. If we have to stack the depositted cash from large to small bills, it’s like “INCONVINIENT”. Withdrawing $$ from the new machine is cool and no probs there. I’m seriously thinking to close my BofA accounts and move on…..or maybe grab one of their people to show me the ropes on this new machine. I haven’t changed my mind. Thanks for reading. Don’t be mad if a lil harsh.

  35. Hi Wendy, thanks for stopping by and commenting on the issue with the bank of america atms.

    I think new machines are usually greeted with distrust and reluctances. I think the problem with these ATMs is that they weren’t tested properly before they actually got deployed. In addition to that, I don’t think that bank of america really knows how to perform maintenance on them. They either fail a lot, or the deposit cash feature is disabled. Definitely not a good way to treat your customers.

  36. Bank of America made a HUGE mistake and will be paying for it in the millions! The machine won’t take my payroll check and I’m pissed. The check is even drawn from a Bank of America account. I called to complain and the representative was oblivious to this problem. I know tons of people are frustrated. I’m closing my B of A account.

  37. I think the new ATM machines are brilliant, and I believe more and more big commercial banks will follow suit.

    Does anyone know who manufactures these ATM machines? I would love to buy some of that comapnies stock…

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Hi Scott. I think they’re great too but they have a way to go before they are much better. Now that you mention it, the companies that make these might be a good investment. I think the one that makes Bank of America’s is Diebold.

    Thanks for stopping by Scott.

  39. Should have thought about this earlier, United Tech made an offer to buy Diebold earlier in March for 3B. Stock went from low 20s to mid 40s. See the link (here)

  40. My first experience with the new machine as far as depositing checks was last week. I had been skeptical all this time, but I think it is pretty cool now. I mean the fact that the machine actually scans your check and ask you to verify amount if is too blurry to read is cool. Now I haven’t had the chance yet to deposit any cash which I’ve heard a pain in the butt due to you yourself have to manually arrange the amount from larger to smaller or something like that.
    Well everyone, I had a hard time with this machine to begin with, but I guess I’ll have to move on with the “jetsons” era. It is here.
    PS : Hi Oscar. what’s up !

    • Hi Wendy!
      Sorry took me so long to respond to you. I’ve been so busy, just got back from a trip to Mexico and been working like crazy. I’m glad you like the machines, I really like them as well if only they could get the cash deposits right. The checks have been pretty much 100% accurate for me, but its not worth it if the machine won’t take *all* of my money. (Never really thought I’d wish for that LOL).

  41. hey, Os ! welcome back, was wondering where you were. Well, I know I was skeptical about this new machine before, but it passed the deposit “test” for me. I was kinda shocked with the big size receipt it gave out. for those who use the new machine, make sure you press the “return card” choice on the screen, or someone next can easily get your card.
    Oscar, how do you deposit cash? one at a time also/? Plus I heard you can also deposit change into this new machine? That would be good for kids to deposit their savings. Educate me please. Thanks , Oscar.
    PS: Hope your trip to Mexico was fun..

  42. to Jessica re; checks.
    hi, I was pretty mad at them at first , but I tried them out by depositting 3 checks. the machine was not able to read 1 of the 3 checks, then it asked me to enter the amount on the check. did it ask you to enter the amount on yours when it wasn’t able to read your check? give it another chance. I did and really liked it now, hoping I won’t have any problems in the future 🙂
    well, hope for the best for you. take care

  43. Hi John, well these seem to be hit and miss… if you look around in the comments I mentioned that the ones by my house were “out of service.” This was at least a couple months ago… Guess what? the same machines are still out of service as far as cash accepting goes. The checks work okay so far but if you have a mix of cash and checks then you’re out of luck! The worse part about it is that you can’t even fall back to just doing an old-school deposit. I wish they had done a huge round of quality testing on these machines to avoid all these problems. They sounds like they’re great and when they work, they are. Unfortunately, based on personal experience and based on the experiences from some of you guys these things are failing miserably. It also makes me wonder if the problem is with Diebold more than BoA.

    About 3 weeks ago, I asked one of the tellers what was up with the machines being down for months and she said she didn’t know, and “well you can always come in and make your deposit inside”. She said they’re new so they have some problems sometimes and when I said, that they’d been down for months, not just a day or two, she just stared at me as if I was speaking in tongues. I’ve gotten the same reaction from at least 4 different employees at 3 different branches. I gotta say, I really like Bank of America. Their services for the most part blow the competition out of the water, but its things like this that rub me the wrong way. And the fact that nobody in their offices really cares to do anything about the problem really irritates me. For the time being I just go to a regular ATM and use it with the envelope and stuff.

  44. I just tried depositing my federal tax return check and the new atm’s wouldn’t recognize it. I heard they don’t recognize money orders either. Also a negative is that I tried to feed it 5 times before I gave up…a total waste of time. The other two checks that I fed to the atm, one took me two times before it asked me to enter the amount of the check. The other check went through okay. Well, I guess 1 out of 3 ain’t bad if you’re batting in baseball, but I don’t think it’s acceptable in a huge banking firm as Bank of America. Whoever made the decision at Bank of America to buy and distribute them nationwide seems to be out of touch with the real world. What use to take me one to two minutes to deposit and takes me 5 minutes of aggravation and I have to wait until Monday when the bank opens so I can finally deposit my tax return check. When I read some of the positive comments about these new atms, I wonder do those people work for Bank of America?

  45. These machines are a NIGHTMARE. In the last year, my wife and I have lost money on 3 separate occasions. After several phone calls, an hours wait at a bank branch, and having a CS rep question if I was really ‘me’, we were able to get all of our money back. The bank’s response (from tellers to phone reps) has been indifference. I have recently switched to WAMU. I have the expectation that a bank will take the money I deposit into their bank seriously. B of A has failed on all counts, and it stinks because I love their online banking. Hopefully my WAMU account will be OK. At least I’m able to deposit my money safely and securely.

    This is a class action lawsuit in the making if I’ve ever seen one.

  46. For everyone that has had a problem with the new ATMs, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take 5 minutes to call BofA and tell them. Here is the #: 1-800-622-8731. I just got off the phone with them and they told me that they haven’t heard any reports of issues with depositing printed checks! So I did a quick web search while on the phone with them and said “well apparently I’m NOT the only one this happens to!” I called them a month ago when it happened the first time. It happened again last night; drove to 3 different BofA’s with no luck! These new machines ARE a nightmare and I am seriously considering switching banks!

  47. WARNING…Use the new Bank of America ATM’s at your own risk. I have been with BofA for 19 years and never had a problem until I used their new ATM. These are the ATM’s where you don’t use envelopes or deposit slips. I get a paycheck once a month and on May 20, 2008, I used the new ATM machine to deposit my check. It couldn’t read my check, but it took my check anyway. I received a deposit slip saying, “We apologize for the inconvenience. We are unable to process your request and cannot return your item. Total deposit…$0.00.” I filed a claim with BofA. Yes, they gave me a “temporary” credit for my paycheck, but I have yet to hear from anyone. I even wrote them a letter to check the status of my claim, and went into my branch office to speak with them in person, and no one could help me. After making several calls to customer service, where no one knows anything, no one can help you and they just pass the buck, I was finally told by a rude customer service person, that they’ll probably never find my check and that I should just stop payment on that check and have another issued. I can’t believe this. I will never use BofA’s ATM for any deposits ever again….so be warned this could happen to anyone….and don’t even think about making a cash deposit into those machines, you won’t have a leg to stand on.

  48. Thanks Callie, for the number. From other poster’s stories, it seems that BOA has been unresponssive to this, and I don’t see that they’re making progress towards a resolutions. In fact as I mentioned before, the one machine near my office… I’ve mentioned before. IT IS STILL broken! can you believe this? its been over 4 months now I think if not longer.

  49. Just came back from the ATM AND got the Good OL “We are unable to process your request and cannot return your item.” Then you gota call BOfa and have them transfer you 5 times and ask you a million questions so they can hang up on you and call back. Thanks alot BoFA for putting these POS machines in.

  50. My BOA branch just installed these new ATM’s and I can’t believe what a piece of junk they are. “Unable to read” was the response I got when I tried several times to deposit my paycheck. Wouldn’t it have been much more intelligent to design the machine so it gave you the CHOICE of scanning or using an envelope? I’m a premier customer who is now going to withdraw all my money and transfer it to another bank.

  51. We just recently got these new machines in Boston. I’ve been depositing my checks via the ATM for at least ten years and have NEVER had an issue. Today my check went into the machine in perfect condition then was promptly spit out mangled and torn and the machine could no longer read the check after that. I tried to go into the bank and guess what? They’re not open on Saturday! How nice for them! I’m taking my busuness elsewhere.

  52. I have had nothing but problems depositing checks into the new ATMs. My last deposit for $1000 was not posted to my account. I filled out the REG E form but it will take 10 days to investigate. Now my checking is overdrawn. Of course BoA says they will cover the overdraft, but I not sure how this magically happens or what other forms I need to fill out. I will not use the ATM for deposits anymore.

  53. Hello, everyone. I’m Wendy, in California, who was previously skeptical to use this new gadget. Well, so far I’ve had no problems depositting checks/cash or withdrawing from the ATM. I know they can’t accept money order deposits because they can’t read or scan the code. I must say depositting cash in big amount is rather inconvinient. If I had more than $500 bills to deposit regardless of the amount, I’d go inisde and have them do the job for me. But, if you have the time to deposit your bills, my suggestion is do the bills one at a time. Don’t stack them up, especially if they’re bigger bills.
    Fortunately, our closest ATM is located inside a grocery store, so it is a lot safer to do any ATM transactions. However, having read all problems presented here at Oscar’s page, I’m beginning to warn myself not to get too comfy with these “terminators”. I hate to say this, but BoA are not taking these ATMs away. in fact they’re only growing like fungus. So…if we can’t beat m, join m….
    Plus…avoid using the drive through ATMs for deposits purposes. Just in case you’re stuck, you’ll only be upsetting the drivers behind you. then more problems will arise, regardless who’s at fault.

    Well good luck with all our future transactions with the machines..Luv ya !!

  54. @chrisc, Gary, Robyn, Kevin, & wendy.

    Thanks a lot for coming by and taking a minute to comment. I know what a pain these machines can be, I’ve had my own share of wtf moments when using them. Fortunately for me, the one ATM I really like to use is now working. It was down for so long, but they finally decided to fix it. It’s a drive thru machine, and when it works its great. I don’t really worry if the drivers behind me get upset if I take too long, so long as it isn’t my fault. They can always wait or go tot he regular ATM.

    On behalf of all the visitors that have complained, I placed a call to BofA before my trip to Catalina, and mentioned what is going on with the machines. The girl (as has happened in the past) just kinda laughed it off and said “I have no idea who you would talk to about this” she put me on hold and asked somebody else. When she came back on the line she said I could go into one of the branches with the problem and talk to the manager there. WTF! I did that, and none of the managers cared much about the problem anyway, the general response was “we just get the machines from hq.”

    Sounds to me like they don’t know what is going on… the sad part is that they don’t seem to care much about it anyway. Stay tuned.

  55. Another thing that I have noticed with these machines is that the ones at Chase are much better. I would guess it takes half the time than it does at B of A. At the Chase ones you put your money in and it counts it asks if it is right and gives you the receipt. At B of A it counts it, asks if it is right and then it counts it again! I think that they not only bought a crap machine but they didn’t even buy the best crappy machine.


  56. The new BofA ATMs have hit the Seattle area and I usually never deposit cash but was fine with checks – although they sometimes can’t read handwritten checks. This last weekend I deposited a $35 check and $105 in cash. The problem (i think) was that the $5 bill was brand new – straight from the Federal Reserve strap and it jammed. The ATM said it was returning my cash but when the door opened, I could see the $5 bill stuck in a vertical position behind some spindles and I couldn’t reach it. The ATM then said “Returning Card” and spit out my ATM card with no receipt or anything.
    I called BofA immediately and they said they “saw the problem” and were sending someone out to fix it and that my deposit would show up as 2 deposits on Monday’s transactions.
    It’s now Wednesday and NONE of them have been deposited but they did process the check (it was my roommate’s and she has an image of the cancelled check!)

    BofA now wants me to file a claim and sign an affidavit (I’ve been through this before and they DON’T always side with the customer!!). I’m pissed because I’m out $140 and I know some ATM Tech pocketed $105 – fine… but what’d they do with the $35 check that had my account # below my signature when I endorsed it?!? Thieves in expensive suits!!!

  57. Lye, that must be pretty frustrating. The machines around me have improved, there aren’t any broken ones anymore and I haven’t had any mishaps (knock on wood huh).

    I wish that banks would give us the benefit of the doubt more often and just refund our money right away when this happens. That’s not unreasonable I think up to a certain amount, something like 300. I mean they always have the power to terminate your account, freeze it or even press charges if you’re being fradulent. Plus, $300.00 could be a significant amount of money for individuals, while that same amount is hardly even a drop in their bucket. It should be their job to investigate.

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