Bank of America new ATM

I've been telling some of you about the new Bank of America ATMs. They're pretty cool because when you want to deposit money into your account, you don't have to use an envelope or even count your money. You can insert a check and the machine will automatically find the amount and confirm this amount with you before depositing it to your account.

(originally published in 7/2007) Also if you have cash, all you have to do is stack it up in order from higher to lower denomination and insert it into the receptacle for cash. The machine will then count it and show you the results and wait for you to confirm that the amount is correct.

You should still count your money before you put it in there, for good measure. But I think it is still cool that they've taken one step to simplify this process. I hope they replace the remaining old machines with these new fancy one soon.

After you insert the cash, you'll see this and hear the familiar bill counting machine noise going on inside of the atm.

After processing, you can verify that the machine counted your money correctly.

Jan 10, 2008, update. I posted a follow-up to this story. Feel free to check it out if you want to see my expanded comments on it.

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