That Word Bro, I Don’t Think it Means what You Think it Means

Bro, doesn't mean what you think it means.

At least not to me or where I'm from. Where I live, bro means something. I know you've seen it on TV and you think that is a reflection of American culture. Let me break it to you gently. It is not.

Technically speaking, no, forget that. You should know what it means technically speaking, if you want to use the word.

That alone should prevent you from ever using it, towards me.

As far as I know I have one awesome sibling that from time to time when needed, subbed in as a little brother. You know, someone to prank, blame stuff on, etc.

She is pretty cool though, but no brothers.

There must be a TV show somewhere that I'm not aware of because there's been a huge surge in the use of the word in the past couple years. And I'm sure that adds to the part of me being sick of it.

The way they say it sounds ridiculous too. It usually sounds like a burp. There's a trendy way of saying bro that literally sounds like a bullfrog burping.

Like "Braaah"

blah blah blah brah, brah, brah
blah blah blah brah, brah, brah

When I see your avatar asking me to be a friend and I gladly accept, hopeful of finding someone awesome and cool and interesting to talk about whatever.

People approach me because of my blog or a group we belong to. Usually is because of my blog, and I love that and to all of you guys, my readers I appreciate that. You know that when you friend me I usually say hi. I don't want to collect names. I want to know you.

So please continue to reach out. But I have to be honest with you if we are to start off on the right foot. I will be adding this to my list of 100 things you didn't know about me. Because I freaking hate it.

And I need to tell you the rest of what happens because I have to be honest with you. This has to stop. This is what happens when you use the word "bro" with me.

Everything you said before and most of what you're going to say afterwards will be obliterated by the sound of me re-reading your sentence while saying "braaah" out loud, mockingly.

Seriously. I do this. I can't help it. It's funny to me. It just happens. Picture it. Go watch some videos of me, and then picture me saying that word along with whatever you said but make it sound like a bullfrog. I promise I'm not discouraging you from contacting me, just don't say the word bro.

Getting back to when we met on Facebook, where I was hopeful to strike up a great conversation. Something meaningful. Then I get this:

Bro, I read your blog and it's great bro. What do you do bro?

And I feel like Rageguy (see memes). Conveniently also found on Youtube performing the "ffuuuuuuuuuu rage":

(note that's not "fu" for "f*** you", but more for a very long f**********ck!)

Personally I call very few people in my life "bro" these are friends I know and trust. These are friends that I can knock on their door at 3:45 am and they'll open for me without question; because that's a bro. These are the kind of friends that can call me at the same time to pick them up after a late night drunken stupor.

I know the word means different things to other people and I respect that too. If I know you, you may call me bro because I get it, you call me bro because that means something to you. But I know it means something, when I don't know you, all the word means to me is you're trying to get close to me, you want something from me, it's cheesy, and without seeing you in person and hearing you say it and seeing your body language it is better for you to not use that word.

Some people also use it as a way of bringing the point home. Like if you're being a stubborn knucklehead, someone could say: Bro! you're being a stubborn knucklehead. And that is fine, it's being used for emphasis. Like calling someone by their full name. Fine by me too!

If we've had drinks, dinner, lunch, if we text each other, you can call me bro and I'll be happy as a clown about it. I'll even call you bro back.

But until we're there, we just aren't.

So let's talk shop, let's shoot the shit as they say in some places, let's seriously get to know one another. But for goodness sake, don't call me bro.

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