Bernice Namalich – My new Virtual Problem Solver

Bernice Namalich does not exist. She's not real, she doesn't like you and she won't follow you. But she will test the hell out of your site and post your stuff on her networks till the cows come home.

She's a virtually non existent, yet she'll soon be everywhere and do a lot of my work for me and my clients. Get to know her if you want, or not. But when you wonder who this hot chick that just friended you came from... now you know.

She's a repeater, a poster, a tester and a friend or follower. Say hi to her if you want on Facebook or Twitter or even on email. Just don't spam her, she doesn't like it. Send her your questions, concerns, trepidations, dilemas, tribulations and fears. She'll have an answer for you with any difficulty you encounter or any help you need.

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