If It’s Change You Want, Then Change You Must

It must be something in the stars, the past couple of weeks I've talked to a few people that seem to be down in their luck. Some people blame something else, like Mercury retrograde or some other outside force.

I'm more pragmatic than that and I believe that we are the architects of our own destiny. For better or worse, we are mostly responsible for where we are today.

This is the truth, but many don't like to hear it. Instead many people blame someone else, something else. And I get it, we are egotistical beings and generally we believe that our way is right, we can't be wrong so everyone else is wrong. They "just don't get it" or they simply are "out to get us."

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It takes some effort to work against this and to really look inside, to look within and to know thyself as I call it. As I was thinking about this, I decided to post a proverb to Instagram. This was something that I heard years ago.

As you read this, remember the title of this post... If it changes you want, then change you must. Get out of your head, put your ego aside and try something different.

This is what I posted:

Sometimes we are stuck in our own head, our own ways. We feel that the world and everything in it is out to get us. Nothing works!

They're conspiring against me! But I invite you to look at things from a different perspective.

Perhaps it is that in these moments we need to put our egos aside and look outward for guidance, for a different way. They say that you can't solve a problem by doing the same things that created it, so maybe we need to learn something new, change pace, change scenery, change thinking.

As I was reflecting on this, this quote came back to me. Someone told me it a long time ago when I had an "aha moment," and I said "I get it now! tell me more!" to which my friend and mentor at the time replied: "When the student is ready the teacher will appear."

If you aren't ready to change, from within, you will never find the ways to change. Opportunities will pass you by unnoticed, and what could have been will remain obscured by your thoughts of how it should be.

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