My Logo Contest Ended, please Vote.

Hi Everyone, my logo is very close to completion now. As you might have read on a previous post, I ran a design contest to have a logo created for my company. It went very well, now I need you to rank the finalists so I can get a good idea of what's attractive to you.

Please note that this is a brand new round of voting. The first round I asked my family, close friends and a couple of clients. This time, I'm asking everyone in the world to check it out and rank the logos. If you think someone else you know might want to vote then please pass on the link to them as well.

Here are the eight finalists.

Showing the final logo designs for Oscar's logo contest. Vote with the link below.

Click here to Rank and Vote for the logos.

Please note: The way you vote isn't very clear sometimes, you need to click on one of the stars under each logo in order to rate the logos. 1 STAR = Not good, 5 STARS = Good.

Please take a minute to rank them from 1 to 5 stars. If you want, you can also leave a comment on what you think of your favorite or the one you like the least, I added numbers so you can reference them.

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