Create an Elevator Pitch for your blog #31DbbbDay1

I thought I might have done this already but I looked and can't seem to find this. So I thought I'd give this a try.  Also as a way to encourage a guided path for this month's blogging challenge, you can always join my blogging group in Facebook to connect with other bloggers, learn more and develop your blog better. So on with the show...

This is based on Darren Rowse's 31 Days to a better blog. Which you can get right here. I've read it and applied certain things from it from time to time, but I'm going to try to follow it step by step. You can either follow my posts and get an idea of what I'm doing just by the title, or if you get the e-Book,  you'll get all of Darren's insights on how to do each lesson and how to complete each task.

So my elevator pitch goes as follows, (i'm sure it will evolve over time): is my blog to share my experiences and lessons in life. I cover technology, working at home and the development of my relationships with my daughter, wife, family and friends. I share some of my hobbies and pastimes like camping, movies, wine and food. I also empower you to do more with social media and technology by teaching what works and what doesn't.

From time to time I also share my opinions of products and services which I've gotten a chance to use and review. To find out more visit and find links to the various sections and categories on the top menus.

That wasn't too hard, and it doesn't quite follow Darren's advice to the t, but it works and I think it's clear, but I know it may be a little bit long.



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