Title and tagline changes

Tag lines on blogs are always tricky for me. Especially when its a personal blog, a brand or company is a little easier because the tagline should be in line with their slogan or mission statement.

Not so much when you're an individual blogger that likes a million topics.

I decided to change the title and tagline of my blog a little bit so I can quickly tell visitors what my blog is about. I decided to drop my name as the title and give it something more descriptive, maybe even catchier. Since I still want my name to be up front, I made it part of the tagline instead.

Now, instead of Diversification is my specialty it says: a blog by Oscar González, with the title being: Techie of All Sorts (ToAS, or TAS for short). That seems to be a step in the right direction towards clearing up any confusion about what this place might be.

Your thoughts?

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