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This is the online marketing section of the blog. This is where I blog about stuff related to online marketing as a subset of digital marketing, sometimes it overlaps with affiliate marketing.

Private Video Sharing

You may have some videos you want to show only to people that come to your website. Maybe you have a membership website that is protected with a username and password and you want videos to be available there only. Under certain circumstances, you want to share your videos but you want to do it privately, to a…
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Affiliate Summit Recap of Day 1

So yesterday was awesome. This is by far the most fun and activity packed conference I've been. I didn't really know where to go because there were so many things going on. After registration we headed out to the Meet Market and toured the floor. Lots of cool companies that are starting out and also some established players.…
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Quix Cheatsheet

If you haven't heard of Quix, and you're a webmaster, or a webdmin, or work on SEO a lot, you definitely want to check it out. I've been using it since the day it was announced and I love it, it hasn't replaced some of my major tools, but it is very helpful and extremely useful when I…
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