Come Join Me, at My First Blab – The Marketing Blab

I'm jumping into the Blabsphere and I hope you join me. Let me give you a super quick introduction to Blab.

What is Blab?

Blab is the newest thing available to get together with some people and talk about something. You can check it out at

Blab is the software, but it's also a specific instance of an event using the software. So you go to Blab, to run a Blab on a specific topic. Got it?

The format of a Blab interesting, it allows up to four people to join in and video conference together while the audience listens in. Think of it like a virtual panel discussion. Traditionally, one or two people host the Blab and the other seats are available for anybody that wants to participate.

We plan on having two people host the Blab, Emily and I. We will have one invited guest and one open seat for anybody feeling adventurous enough to jump on the video call.

The rest of the audience can participate by chatting on the side, asking questions or "giving props" to any one of the speakers. The props show up on each person's video screen as they present or talk during the blab. To give props, you just click on the person's screen.

So come join me!

This Wednesday evening, I'll be running The Marketing Download, and I'd like you to come check it out. I am hosting it with my friend Emily Crume and it should be fun. We plan on doing this weekly.


This will be our first show, we'll be talking a little bit about Blab, the state of digital marketing, and answering your questions. We also have a surprise guest and we have a great list of guests coming up in future shows.

Join Blab and subscribe to The Marketing Download, send me your questions too.

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