Cruising Around the San Diego Bay

During the weekend in San Diego, we got to cruise around the bay with Flagship Cruises. I had never on a cruise in the San Diego before. This is the previous post about us visiting the Cabrillo National Monument.

During the cruise, we had a great time learning about all the points of interest around the bay. We also got to see some of the NAVY ships stationed there alongside with some from our partner countries.

Really interesting stuff. I highly recommend you take a tour with them. The narration is informative and funny too.

We took the 2-hour bay cruise and it was great.

Although it was a gift for us, For the price, it's worth it. The two-hour cruise ends up being about 2 hours and 15 or 20 minutes because they go back after the 1st hour to drop off some passengers that are on the 1-hour tour and pick up new passengers to go for another 1-hour tour.

That was the only turnoff, but I guess it's necessary since the 2-hour cruise may not be for everyone so they split it into two 1-hour cruises, one that goes "north" and one goes "south."

The ship we went on has 3 levels, I think it's called the Spirit of San Diego. I think the top level provides the most scenic experience but there is no cover from the weather if it's sunny, windy or rainy.

It was sunny and windy when I went so we stayed on the 2nd level. They have a lot of tables so you should be able to find a place to sit with your party. But you can explore the ship throughout the cruise.

They have a pay as you go bar where you'll find some wine and beer as well as simple snacks.

Nothing to write home about, but the pricing is right. I wish they served something a little more elaborate but can't really complain and you can bring your own food if you want (I'm pretty sure).

After we got settled in, we left the docks and headed for the tour. All was great and the captain and crew narrate, pointing out all the various points of interest as you cruise along the bay.

It's fun and was worth it, especially with all the historical tidbits exploring the deep and complex culture of the area.

Here's the video, it's short and just the highlights of the cruise. I recommend it if you've never been. I hear they have evening dinner cruises as well, so I might try that another time.

Photos from the day aboard Flagship Cruises' Spirit of San Diego.

Flagship Cruises 2-hour San Diego Bay Cruise


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