Diesel Brew, Smooth Cold Brewed Coffee for the Masses


When I started drinking coffee, I saw coffee just as a booster. I drank coffee as a way to give me some pep if I had a long night ahead or if I had little sleep the night before. I like it with sugar and cream and I admit I'll go for a Starbucks white chocolate mocha over a traditional Americano or espresso.

Over time I've learned to appreciate coffee a little more and I now drink it straight black sometimes. I also developed a taste for better coffee. I have tried an espresso and cappuccino in Rome (nothing out of this world). I have tried colombian, costa rican, african and even cat poop coffee. I recon most people don't know good coffee, and like beer and wine, each person's palette is different.

But one thing that I find consistent with coffee drinkers that know their coffee is their appreciation for cold brewed coffee. I didn't know much about cold brewed coffee until about four or five years ago where I saw a blogpost teaching you how to make cold brewed coffee in your hotel room when you're traveling.

Check out the video too:

I have been trying different cold brewed concoctions ever since and most of the commercially available products aren't that great. But let me tell you about the one that I found to be nearly perfect.

It's called Diesel Brew and it's made here in Orange County. In fact it's my friend's company and after hearing all these good things about it for about a year and a half I got my hands on a few bottles of this keep me up till dawn concoction.

I expected it to be a bit rough and I was ready to add sugar to it, but to my pleasant surprise it was so smooth, it doesn't need anything. It also isn't concentrate which is nice because you open it up and it's ready to drink, no mixing, no diluting, no mess.

The bottle is also pretty cool, the bottle is a can shaped into a beer bottle but this won't get you drunk. It has a bit of a novelty just because of the awesome bottling.

Need an extra boost? Get the 64 ounce jug!
Loren, the man behind Diesel Brew. #fuelthemachine
Slick beer-like bottle holds this concoction #fuelthemachine


I also want to commend Loren the owner for doing this. Diesel Brew is his baby, a labor of love between him and his brother. It has grown from a couple of cases every once in a while to complete distribution throughout Southern California. And like all good entrepreneurs, Loren does it all to make sure things are running smoothly. You know I love entrepreneurship. I think everyone should try it and if you have a good idea and don't like to work for "the man" or don't want to be tied to an office or 9 to 5 job then starting a business is the best way to do it.

Loren's doing it and let me tell you, he's kicking ass. At any given day, you'll find loren delivering cases of coffee to all the different places that carry this amazing drink. And if you aren't in southern California, a quick call or visit to the Diesel Brew website will set you up with a case.

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