Irvine Farmer’s Market moved from UCI to Mariner’s Church

The farmer's market from UCI moved to the Mariner's church parking lot. It's much nicer, lots of space and it feels like a more relaxed environment.

The Irvine farmer's market has been around for a long time now and if you want to meet some of the region's best food producers, farmers then you should visit this.

The vendors as much as I know...

  • Spring Hill - delicious cheese. I tried them all! -
  • Awesome Terrariums $15 to $50 - No website found, but they are pretty cool!
  • Arnett Farms -
  • Papidaddy. (me)
  • Anita Lau (Mad Hungry Woman) I ran into my friend Anita, foodie extraordinaire.
  • Avocado Oil. Amazing! starts at $15.00 for 1/2 liter. You can use Avocado oil like olive oil or any other cooking oil. It's healthy and stands really hot temperatures before it burns.
  • Baba Food. Awesome we bought three things. Khalid will take you on an amazing hummus tasting tour.

You can find the new location here:

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