Dot Com Lifestyle Workshop: How to run ads with OIO Publisher

I wanted to give you a heads up about our meetup. Dot Com Lifestyle. We meet weekly to have lunch and chat. But we also have workshops. We're putting together the schedule for the next six months and will be announcing it soon. But last Saturday we held a workshop requested by our members. I called the workshop How to run ads with OIO Publisher.

I put it together by request and it covered the plugin OIO Publisher in great detail.

I use the plugin extensively in all my sites and I encourage my clients to do so too. I recommend it to everybody, all bloggers even those people that don't want to run Google Adsense, or other banner ads from other people on their site. With OIO Publisher, you can run your own in-house ads for all kinds of purposes.

Workshop: How to run ads with OIO Publisher
Workshop: How to run ads with OIO Publisher

You can run very selective promotions on a small group of posts. You could create a "related posts" type of widget. You can even create your own ad network. It's one of the must-have plugins and one of my go-to plugins. We covered pretty much everything you can do with the plugin then we did the hands-on workshop.

We  covered the basics of installing & configuring OIO Publisher. We then moved onto creating your first ads and ad zones and we even created a small ad-network within the group during the hands-on training.

Overall the workshop was a success. I would love to invite you to join our Dot Com Lifestyle meetup page, make sure you setup your profile to send you updates. We will be announcing the upcoming sessions soon.

Here is what a few people said about it:

I loved the hands-on training. Very practical. I learn so much faster this interactive way than reading or even watching video online. It was very exciting to implement the banners with my affiliate links working on my website!


Oscar does and awesome job in his workshops. The real deal, very knowledgeable person. I am very happy that I attended. Will definitely be going back for more.

Robert De La Cruz

We have members come from San Diego all the way up to Ventura, so come join the Dot Com Lifestyle group and attend one of our meetups soon!




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