Driving with Oscar – Episode 4 – Blogging for Business

Let's talk blogging for business today! You know I believe in blogging, I live and breathe it and believe every business needs a blog (at minimum) to compete in today's economy.

In this episode I talk about blogging for business. Some tips, and what's the difference between a blogpost and a product listing. Also, why most businesses fail at blogging.

I talk about TV, radio and the internet and how advertising has evolved and how you need to adapt to it in today's social media world.

Blogging helps with your business if you do it properly.

A blog can be a reason for someone to visit your website and give you some mindshare. It's really good to use a blogpost to tell a story but not great to sell a product.

If you need a blog started, then I recommend you take a look at this guide on how to start a blog all by yourself, in about 30 minutes.


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