What’s a euphemism?

A euphemism is a way of saying something with words that are nicer. It replaces a more coarse term or name, and it usually makes it sound good or not as bad as the original. Most politically correct terms are euphemisms. For example, instead of calling somebody fat, you'd call them big boned or curvy.

Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they aren't but for the most part if taken too seriously I just dislike them. They allow us to be overly sensitive to others and leads us to the atmosphere of political correctness that is crippling our society.

Euphemisms are being crafted daily and more all the time. Enough, call it for what it is from now on will you? When I was younger if you didn't like your food you weren't called a picky eater, you were told to stop being a little bitch and to eat your food. Our fitness instructructors --see how I used a euphemism there, gimme a break, they're PE teachers right? -- would call out the lazy and fat, because they were, lazy and fat so that they stopped being fat and lazy. If you call them something like free spirit or creative type, and big boned or curvy, they only become complacent in their own failures. They think, oh its not so bad to weigh 130lbs more than my classmates.

Now you know what a euphemism really is?

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