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Firefox extension alert!

I just downloaded, installed a new addon. It is going on my list of required extensions pretty much permanently. PicLens is the name, and it gives a really cool effect to websites like Flickr, Youtube, and other media rich sites.

I wanted to wait a bit longer to try it out some more, and to take some nice screenshots to show you but oh well. You gotta try it if you are a regular Flickr user. I think its founded on the notion that we are looking for visual stimuli much more than just text.

It displays all the video and picture content from a website on a really attractive "wall" where you can zoom in and out and view the stuff. video after the jump.

You can use it on a bunch of sites, and hopefully they'll keep adding new ones all the time. You can also add support to your own site so the plugin works well with it. You simply have to add a media RSS feed.

Here's a short video put out by the producers of PicLens that gives you a broad overview of the great things PicLens has to offer. While you're at it, don't forget to get the new Firefox 3. Piclens by Cooliris.

update: added links to FF3 and Cooliris.

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