ChatGPT Prompts and Commentary #001 – How to do this in Final Cut Pro.


I've been experimenting with ChatGPT a lot lately. I want everyone to know about it and try it with an open mind. Try it with a serious approach to fixing something. or helping you with something.

I hope to make some videos about it and share some tutorials, but for now, I'll share some of my prompts. I feel like some of these should be self-explanatory, but Here's the first one:

I knew the ultimate answer to this one because, currently, there is no way to do what I asked it to do; it was odd that it gave me an answer that ignored my request to make it a batch action, and specifically said I wanted to avoid doing it by hand, one at a time.

ChatGPT shows me a tutorial that doesn't do what I asked. Maybe that's inaccurate; it fails to take into account the various parameters from my request.

Sometimes it flubs like this. Or did I goof? Based on some new tricks, I might have found a way to ask a better question. Maybe I'm the one that messed up on this one. This was one of my early prompts.

If it isn't clear where it (chatGPT) made the mistake is that the tutorial only allows me to export the files one at a time by hand. It doesn't help me do what I wanted which is to export all the cut sections of the project into individual videos independently, in sequence, and automatically.

If you aren't a video editor, what I mean is that I want to know how I can take a 5-minute clip for example, and mark it or cut it in the places where I want to extract certain segments from and then automatically have the editing program, Final Cut Pro extract each of those segments into their own files. Doing this by hand in Final Cut Pro can be a pain in the you-know-what.

And before you totally dismiss it as a failure, look a the next prompt, #2.

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