Featured on inMotion’s Affiliate Newsletter

Thank you for continuing to read my blog time after time. I hope you liked the videos, if you missed them then go check them out.

I think I mentioned before that I was going to be featured on inmotion Hosting's newsletter to the affiliates. That means, the affiliate newsletter that the other professionals receive. It's also nice to be featured in a great newsletter by one of my sponsors.

Inmotion Hosting is one of my biggest sponsors. So I send them a good share of my business. Something must be working, don't you think? Although I can always improve on things, and I continue to do so weekly based on feedback I receive.

So Jason Hong, inmotion Hosting's Affiliate Manager asked if I would write a column for their newsletter. I decided to write about the way I am doing business in RealFreeWebsite.com. By offering a lot of value. Always, as much as possible. And in return, your affiliate commissions will increase and become more regular.

Normally this newsletter goes out to the active affiliates for the company, but they also post it online. You can read it here.

I think some of the points I'd like to drive home just by telling you about them here are these:

The easiest way is to offer a bundle of products tailored to a specific group of people. I create a bundle, and I create a promotional campaign around it. The goal is to get the target audience in my email list, and then offer them unparalleled value.

In the newsletter, I explain that by bundling stuff together and adding a service or setup component to the products then you can add a ton of value around your offers. This sets you apart from all the other affiliates promoting the same products. This is especially useful and beneficial when you're a new affiliate. If you weren't aware of it, this is the exact thing that is covered on the Affiliate Bonus Domination course.

This was back in October, but this post has been waiting on my queue for a while, I think it was time to share it with you. Since then, Jason Hong has been featured on my blog already in a video giving you a couple of monetization tips for your blog & website.


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