Free Tickets for Affiliate Summit West 2015

So you want to come to Affiliate Summit with me? Why not!?

If you want I can even give you a ticket. Well maybe. If you earn it and deserve it then perhaps. Here's the deal. I go to Affiliate Summit every time since I went the first time and I think it's a terrific event.

The West coast show is always better than the east coast because it takes place in Las Vegas. This is where you go to learn what works and what doesn't with internet marketing. You want to make money with your blog right?

You want to get hundreds of people to promote your products right? Or you want to meet the industry leaders that can help you find the right partnerships. Yup, this happens at Affiliate Summit.

If you're serious about growing your blog and your business, then you need to go there.

So here's the deal with the tickets. I have five tickets to give away, but they came to me with great blood, sweat and tears so you are going to have to work for them.

Here are the steps to Win a ticket.

  • Read this blogpost (you're reading it).
  • Watch the video below.
  • Then complete the rafflecopter tasks below.

I will select the winner and announce it here on the blog. Please note that only some of the tasks are mandatory. The other ones will give you brownie points but you have to do the mandatory tasks for your entry to count.

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  1. Oscar I would like to be one of the 5 lucky winners to receive a ticket to my first Affiliate Summit. I am new to this arena and going would definitely improve my business and blog. I’m a total newbie, and I am going to get out of this rat race of a 9 to 5 job. I been in the printing industry for the past 21 years and I definitely need a change, not just for me personally but for my 2 son’s as well. Networking @ the affiliate summit with you and the chance to meet other top online marketers would be a great experience. I most definitely going to take pictures with everyone lol….so if I am not chosen it’s ok. I will keep chugging on.
    Thanks for reading my comment,
    Robert De La Cruz

  2. Hi Oscar! It’s been SO long since I’ve seen you! Here is why I think I should be chosen for the free pass!

    1. I finally took the steps to build my own travel blog and am continuing to build it every day. I need to learn how I can make money from it!

    2. It’s been forever since we’ve seen each other. You know that we will have a great time! 🙂

  3. Hey Oscar,

    I’ve been doing online businesses for 2 years and have yet to go to an event. This would be awesome to check out! Plus, I make a good lunch buddy at dot com lunch 🙂

  4. Hi Oscar – I would be honored to join you at Affiliate Summit! While I’ve been involved in affiliate marketing for quite some time, I have never gone to this conference and I’ve been wanting to go for years! I’m really looking forward to growing as an affiliate marketer and Affiliate Summit looks like something that can have a dramatic effect on my life and business.

    Check this out: I just posted a blog and video review of you here:

    Thanks for being an inspiration and providing great advice!

    Charles Amith

  5. Hi Oscar!

    I have always wanted to meet with like minded professionals and network at an event such as this.
    It would be a great place to build on my knowledge and add to the strategies for marketing projects I work on as well as grow my business.

    It would be amazing to have the opportunity to join you at this event along with all the other professionals in attendance!

    I look forward to seeing you there!


  6. Carmen Capatina
    Carmen Capatina

    Hi Oscar, I am a Mobe Licensee, joined recently and it would be an amazing start for my Business, I want to go there to meet the Elite Members and learn more about this industry from the best!
    Regards from Italy

    • Carmen, hi sorry you didnt win. But look in my twitter accounts @thepapidaddy and or @notagrouch I have published a few other places giving tickets away.

      You gould also buy a ticket… or stay tuned for the summer #ASE15. I’ll probably do a giveaway at that time as well.

  7. Love this contest!! The summit sounds amazing 🙂 I would use this to learn more about making money with my youtube channel and blog.

  8. Hey, Oscar looking forward to joining you for this event, not only learning but using what you share with us.


  9. Definitely planned on going this year, a free pass would make it so much affordable and possible!

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