Follow my own train of thought while I improve on a new website

As I work on websites, I keep a number of tasks in different medium and various tracker tools. Paper and post-it notes for example, email, RTM, mind42, my calendar, and a few others make up my toolbox when it comes to getting stuff done. Most of the tools do a good job but I follow the GTD principle that when you're done with a task, you're done with it. I sometimes want to review the work I did and maybe improve how I came up with its logic, or reuse some of it elsewhere. I'm hoping that by posting it here,  it will help me keep a reference of things I have done, and ideas I'd like to revisit.

The website's main purpose is to aggregate tons of information in one easy to use space. Information comes from e-mail, rss feeds, manual editing, research and hopefully soon a few guest writers each month. We'll see.

  • I need that fancy tabbed stuff that you see in some websites, they show a block  on your our sidebar which has tabs.. Its a pretty neat way of using the total real estate space for a message. Tried to use it with a plugin but it would not work right out of the box with Thematic. Will have to try again later, deactivating it for now.
  • CJ doesn't have too many related vendors on their list. That's a bummer, I found a couple relevant ones so maybe I'll use them, the only problem with them is that they're also the same ones that other websites will use because they're pretty generic. Need to look for another affiliate manager, anyone know of a healthcare appliance related.
  • applied for Angie's List relationship, should be good. I like Angie's list too!
  • Found Page2RSS to get those pesky websites without an RSS feed. Seriously guys its 2009, WTF. Get on the RSS train already.
  • I got the OIOPublisher system now, it seems pretty useful and I think I just got it, it is not as intuitive as I'd like it to be, but once the whole process clicks I'm sure it'll be easy as pie.
  • Adding WP-SNAP to my list of plugins to use. I think it will be a great addition to the site I'm working on.  ).

wp-footnotes... hmmm not needed. Most of the content is aggregated so I probably won't be footnoting much on it.

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